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Runkeeper & Garmin will be with you every step of the way. Helping you move a little more each day, you can beat yesterday with the devices that fit your activity level and preferred sport. Don't miss a beat with wrist based heart rate, easy Runkeeper sync and unparalleled battery life. Get out & get moving.

Beat Yesterday.

Garmin_Forerunner_35_Reasons_To_Buy Garmin_Forerunner_35_Reasons_To_Buy


For pure runners the Forerunner 35 is near perfect. The watch is light, stylish, and feels great on the wrist while offering all the run tracking, interval training, and heart rate monitoring that any runner would need.

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Garmin_Forerunner_235_Reasons_To_Buy Garmin_Forerunner_235_Reasons_To_Buy

garmin forerunner 235

For the everyday or casual runner, the Forerunner 235 has all the essential features. GPS to measure pace and distance, optical heart-rate sensor, and daily activity tracking. The Forerunner 235 is sleek, and lightweight, making it a perfect for everyday wear.

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Garmin_Vivoactive_HR_Black_Reasons_To_Buy Garmin_Vivoactive_HR_Black_Reasons_To_Buy

garmin vivoactive hr

For the fitness explorer the Vivoactive HR is a must have. Perfect for all your active moments; run, bike, swim, ski and golf. All while tracking your heart rate. Push yourself to the limit with the Vivoactive HR.

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Garmin_forerunner_935_Black_Reasons_To_Buy Garmin_forerunner_935_Black_Reasons_To_Buy

garmin forerunner 935

For the triathlon conquering, multi-sport athlete the Forerunner 935 was built to fuel your passion. Take your training and tracking to the next level with built in heart-rate, baramoter, training evaluation, and exceptional battery life. All packed in a stylish lightweight water resistant shell.

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Seamlessly Sync

Leave your phone behind and don't miss a step. GARMIN easily syncs with Runkeeper and captures all of your activity. Sync setup is easy and quick, even faster than your fastest mile!

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