Polar Wearlink+ Transmitter with Bluetooth

Polar Wearlink+ Transmitter with Bluetooth


WearLink+ transmitter with Bluetooth wireless technology improves the training experience of Android RunKeeper app users by adding heart rate monitoring. This enables you to train with heart rate and get more out of RunKeeper activities. WearLink+ transmitter with Bluetooth provides heart rate data to the Android RunKeeper app, helping you to understand how hard your heart is working in any given workout. The Bluetooth transmission ensures that the mobile device using a mobile training application picks up the right heart rate signal and not someone else's.

Note: This product is not compatible with iPhone.

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Product Details

  • Provides heart rate information to compatible mobile training applications
  • Uses Bluetooth transmission, ensuring that the mobile device finds your heart rate signal
  • Soft, comfortable fabric transmitter strap - machine washable
  • Water-resistant connector
  • User replaceable battery


  1. Is my Polar Wearlnk+ Bluetooth transmitter water-resistant?
    The transmitter is water-resistant, which means it can be worn in any water environment, or it can get wet and still function.
  2. Can I wash my transmitter?
    You can machine wash the fabric strap that holds the transmitter. Just unsnap the transmitter electronic part from the fabric belt, and wash it in cold water.
  3. Will this transmitter work with my Polar wrist unit that I currently own?
    This transmitter will not work with your existing Polar wrist unit because it uses a different transmission technology then our regular models.
  4. Is there a battery in the transmitter and can I change it myself?
    There is a battery in the transmitter and the estimated life is about 1500 hours. You can buy a replacement battery at any of the battery supply stores or an electronics shop like Radio Shack. The battery is a CR2025.

NOTE: Battery Saving tips: Always remove the transmitter electronics from the strap when not in use, especially after using. If the strap is wet, it could continue to draw on the battery if the electronic transmitter piece is still connected.

Product Code: RK_POLAR